Board Members

Our board helps Anchorage be the best it can be. This group of trusted and elected individuals is actively involved in helping guide the program on its mission.

President: Joe DiPaolo, First United Methodist Church Pastor

Secretary: Fran Keller, Anchorage Breakfast Volunteer, Ross Street UMC

Treasurer:  Ken Kmieczak, First Church

Ray Moye, First Church

Kent Kroehler, Retired Pastor

Walter Unterberger, Colemanville United Methodist Church Pastor

Susan Grimm Mattox, District Lay Leader

Heather Brickner, Pastor of Branch and Vine

Loura Selfe Keepers, School Guidance Counselor

Laura Medvic, First Church

Laura Meisl, First United Methodist Church Facility Manager



Executive Director: Patty Eastep

Administrative assistant: Sharon Heagy