Job Descriptions

Once you are brought onto a team, your team leader will explain several roles in more detail as you may be asked to rotate from week to week between positions. Becoming a volunteer is simple.

Volunteers are needed to serve breakfast from 7:30 am – 10:15 am. Although all roles do not require the same hours, this is our general time bracket where volunteers are in service. Thank you so much for considering becoming part of the team!

Team Leader: Manages the daily operations of breakfast and assigns team duties.  They are the go-to person of the morning.

Clicker: Hands out napkins and counts the number of meals taken by guests.

Coffee Server:  Pours coffee, hot chocolate or tea into mugs for guests.

Juice Server: Prepares and serves beverages.  Ensures that poured juice is available to guests.         

Cereal Server: Pours a variety of cereal into bowls.   Preloads cereal into bowls to ensure an ample supply for guests.

Toast Server: Supplies toast to guests with peanut butter and/or jelly.

Toast Master: Prepares toast in the kitchen with butter.

Coffee Maker: Prepares all the hot water, hot chocolate and the coffee.

“Go-For”: Retrieves supplies as needed for volunteers.  Can be used to serve hot food.

Dishwasher: Receives bused items, removes leftover food, and loads items into the commercial dishwasher.

Busser: Keeps dishes separate at bussing station and assists guests with trash.  Brings dirty dishes to the dishwasher.

Dish Dryer/ Re-supplier: Unloads items from the dishwasher and re-supplies items.

Set-up/Tear-down:  During the preschool year, set-up and tear down may occur every day.  You are responsible for preparing the gym for breakfast or clearing the gym as needed.  You will also be given another duty during the program.

Food Procurement Team: Helps transport & unload food and supplies